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Pecan Apricot Torte

[You can find the recipe for this torte on Martha’s site right here. It’s not an exact version of the one in the MSBH, but it is very close. The MSBH recipe has more extensive instructions about mixing the torte ingredients. Here’s why I do not include recipes with my posts.]

This is another recipe for a rustic baked dessert. It was pretty easy, although the ingredient mixing requires folding and adding dry to wet gradually, so do be prepared to put forth some effort and take your time. It’s not a recipe for anyone in a hurry. I also found it to be frustratingly messy.

Once the dough is mixed, the baking, cooking of the filling, and assembly are quite easy and you end up with a unique and interesting torte that, I imagine, most of your friends and loved ones will have never tried before.

Toasted, ground pecans make up a good portion of the dry ingredients. I thought this was fantastic.

Eggs yolks are beat with sugar and then whipped egg whites are folded in to comprise the wet ingredients.

The MSBH does a really good job of explaining the process of incorporating the egg yolks with the egg whites. The instructions are procedural, clear, and concise. My one tip – when you get to where you’re combining wet with dry, use the biggest bowl you own! It makes the folding so much easier.

Once the ingredients are mixed, they go into a prepared springform pan to bake.

My torte fell while baking, but it wasn’t too catastrophic even though that crater is massive!

The baked torte releases from the pan beautifully and despite the crater in the middle of mine, I still had a lot of height to work with.

While the torte cooled, I cooked the filling which is simply a combination of dried apricots (one of my favorite foods ever) with apricot preserves. You will need to rehydrate the apricots first by simply cooking in some boiling water.

The torte is halved (I also trimmed the top to make it level where it had fallen).

The filling is simply spooned on top of the bottom half; the MSBH instructs you to allow it to spill over the sides. Then the other half is placed on top (bottom-side up). The final touch is to dust with powdered sugar.

Once the torte is in the oven, everything else was really easy.

I honestly did not enjoy this dessert, however. I love apricots and I love pecans, but this was just too dry and the torte and the filling didn’t really seem to want to go together – neither in taste or texture. I think it is very pretty and I really wanted to like it, but alas, I did not. Nobody did, honestly, and we ended up tossing more than half of it out after four or five days.

Even ice cream didn’t help much.

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